Sattu Benefits for old age people

Sattu benefits for old age people.

Many old people face various health issues with age, they can be due to imbalance of sugar or lack of regulation of blood pressure or irregular bowl movements. A natural energiser & helps in regulating blood pressure, its low glycemic index, therefore is a life saver for diabetic patients. A great energy booster, with regular consumption you … Continue reading “Sattu benefits for old age people.”

Health benefits of Sattu – Cool Down Your Body in Hot Summer

Sattuvita Product is a Health benefits for everyone. Mainly in north India, it is popular in states of Bihar, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, UP and West Bengal.


A Refreshing drink

It is sometimes said to be the natural protein drink of rural india, especially during the summers. There are many health benefits of sattu. Here we’ve highlighted 5 such…

It is prepared by dry roasting or sand roasting grams in an iron vessel and powdered. One of the most indigenous protein sources of India, sattu is no stranger to the locals of Bihar, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, UP, and West Bengal. But the rest of india and the world are yet to experience the benefits of the power dust.

The Power Dust

A traditional Indian Fast food, It is consumed as energy drink, which helps keep our body fit & fine. It energies & refreshes whereas other fast food causes damage to our body. It is beneficial across all age groups. Find out how your age group benefits.