sattu flour

Sattu, the Healthy Flour You should Add to Diet

One of the most indigenous protein sources of India, sattu is no stranger to the locals of Bihar, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, UP, and West Bengal. Usually served as a sharbat by street vendors at the peak of summer, sattu, typically made of roasted Bengal gram, has a near-instant cooling effect on the body. And when made into balls, to be eaten with curry, … Continue reading “Sattu, the Healthy Flour You should Add to Diet”

Sattu Sharbat Recipe

All You Need: 2 tablespoons of sattu powder 3 tablespoons of sugar Salt to taste 1 lemon 2 glasses of water Let’s Start: Take a tablespoon of sattu and one-and-a-half tablespoon of sugar in a glass. Make a smooth paste first, adding a little water, to avoid lumps. Now, fill the glass with chilled water, … Continue reading “Sattu Sharbat Recipe”

Health Benefits of Sattu

Coolant for Body: To battle heat stroke and dehydration this summer, go for sattu. A glass of chilled Sattu drink acts as an indigenous coolant. It keeps the stomach cool, and prevents indigestion too. It also keeps the body free from internal heat that causes many disorders. So, this summer instead of buying a soft drink … Continue reading “Health Benefits of Sattu”

Health benefits of Sattu – Cool down your body in hot summer

Sattu is an age old remedy to beat the heat in India. Made after powdering roasted chick peas, gram flour (sattu) is immensely popular in the Indian states of Bihar, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, UP and West Bengal. The health benefits are such that it is popularly called “desi horlicks’’.  Once a rural delicacy, sattu has … Continue reading “Health benefits of Sattu – Cool down your body in hot summer”