Press Release : Bringing Tradition Back

Mumbai, May 17, 2017

Sattu Organic Products launches its first FMCG brand “Sattuvita”: The only sattu ready to mix product range in the market. Envisioned as a “Nutrition Initiative”, the product line focuses on being a “healthy, wholesome and Nutritious” instant food, providing a healthier option to the regular soup and drink ready to mix offerings, snack & beverages category.

“The addition of this indigenous flour has proved to raise the nutrition level of a simple snack category such as soup and drink by offering health benefits & nutrition to the end user”, says Prerna Mokha, Co-Founder, Sattu Organic Product. ”A natural source of rich Calcium, Iron and Dietary fiber. Furthermore, they are a good source of potassium & protein. Great care has been taken to ensure the raw materials are of the finest quality using GMO free products.”

Benefits aside it’s the perfect source of nutrition for vegans & vegetarians. In order to encourage consumers to add sattu in their daily diet the product range is a mix of some crowd-pleasing flavors for all age groups – Tomato, Mushroom and Hot & sour vegetable soups, where as the drink range has the perfect summer blends of minty lemon, Kesari mango and Dark chocolate caramel.

Sattuvita’s range of products are today available online on Amazon and Big basket, with MRPs ranging from Rs.145 to Rs.180 for a ready to mix sattu drink or soup pack.  We aim to continue doing extensive research and development in creating more snack options to be launched in future including Noodles, Cookies etc all of which will be done using sattu as our core ingredient. As part of global outreach initiative we have further initiated talks to reach international markets in the Middle East, South Africa, Mauritius, US where the demand for health snack and vegan products is extensive.