Health benefits of Sattu – Cool Down Your Body in Hot Summer

Sattu has been used to beat the heat for generations. Mainly in north India, it is popular in states of Bihar, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, UP and West Bengal. The powder is made after powdering roasted chick peas, gram flour (sattu) is is popularly called “desi horlicks’’. A rural delicacy, sattu is slowly catching the fancy of urban India. With rising popularity, sattu has now evolved to include nutritious flours like barley, wheat etc. It can be prepared in many ways starting from a simple drink to paranthas, laddoos, litti chokhas,etc. Traditionally, It is served as a drink during summers due to its cooling properties and benefits of dealing with heatstroke.

Nutritious Sattu

The best thing about sattu is the preparation method. It is prepared by dry roasting which keeps all the nutritional intact, and has a longer shelf life. It is high on fiber and low on sodium. It contains good proportions of protein, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium. All of which are very essential for building your body in an active healthy life.

Health Benefits of Sattu

Coolant for Body: Helps to hydrate the body and battle heat stroke in the summer. A chilled glass of sattuvita’s Ready to mix will keep you refreshed and hydrated through the day. Cools the stomach, and prevents indigestion too. It also keeps the body free from internal heat that causes many disorders. So, This summer let sattuvita be your choice for a summer drink.

Panacea for Women: During pregnancy and menstruation women tend to become weak, as their body gets devoid of nutrients. Sattuvita’s ready mix drink or soup contains vitamins and proteins that can replenish the lost nutrients in the body.

Benefit for Old Age: India has a large aged population. With age comes several health complications and due to Sattu’s high fiber content it is ideal for poor digestive system, fighting flatulence, treating constipation and combating acidity.

Boon for Diabetics and High BP Patients
: A natural booster, it helps in regulating blood pressure. Sattu has a low glycemic index, therefore it can be benefit those with diabetic. Drinking sattu drink regularly helps in controlling the blood sugar levels.

Stamina Booster: The heat can be very exhausting, makes you feel low on energy. This summer sattuvita’s delicious ready to mix flavors will help you combat dehydration and boost your energy.